Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Get Your "Scrap" Together Tampa Bay!

Cash For Junk Cars Tampa FL knows everybody is doing a bit of spring cleaning and we just had to say it! (Get Your Scrap together Tampa Bay!) Wait! We CAN explain!

Scrap Your Cars, Trucks, Boats and RV's in Tampa Bay

As the owner of a Tampa auto salvage company, we serve A LOT of people in Tampa Bay who want to scrap their cars, trucks, boats and RV's. Our customers are people who either wanted to sell their old cars and get some cash for extra or unwanted vehicles that they no longer needed, or those who finally realized that they probably should "scrap" the old cars, trucks, SUV's and RV's that had become lawn ornaments, eye soars, space invaders or insurance suckers. 

get cash when you scrap your car in Clearwater florida
What happens when our customers called us to scrap their cars in Tampa Bay? We showed up offering free towing, a good attitude and CASH in hand. Not only are our customers happy to be free from having to look at the scrap car, boat or RV, they had been harboring for so long, but they were pretty thrilled to see that their bank accounts were a little bit larger too!

Then...YOU TOO SHOULD Get Your "Scrap" Together! 

Auto salvage and cash for scrap cars Tampa, Clearwater Florida
If you think it's time to get your "scrap" together, by doing some spring cleaning and finally letting go of those old vehicles that are cluttering up your space or costing you to much to insure, just contact Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL to scrap your car. DEAD OR ALIVE, we'll scrap your vehicle AND even if it's a hunk of junk, we can offer you cash for your scrap car and free junk car removal in Tampa Bay when we agree to scrap your car.

  • Auto Salvage Clearwater, St. Pete and Throughout Tampa Bay!

We provide auto salvage services in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg all the way to Land O' Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and even Brandon, Florida. View Cash for Junk Cars service areas in Florida. Don't forget, Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL offers free towing when we salvage your automobiles and we'll pay you top prices for your clunker in Tampa Bay.

So, if you're ready to "get your scrap together"  and would like to learn more about our Tampa auto salvage company or how to scrap your car in Clearwater, scrap your SUV in Tampa or get cash for your pick-up truck in Land O' Lakes, we make it simple to start the process of scrapping your car. Here's how.

  • You like what you see and would like to get in touch with us now.

    Text a Photo of  Your Vehicle with Any Information You have (running, not running, dead, half-dead or alive) to (813) 300-6100. We'll get back to you promptly with either a price or a request for a little more info from you.